Primary waters


Experience and technology for treatment and purification of primary waters: filtering of bore water, softening, deferrizing, ultrafiltration, potable water treatment with UV and hypochlorite systems.

Process water


When the user requires particularly pure water for industrial applications, like the production of demineralized water with reverse osmosis systems or with ion-exchange resins, rather than the recovery of solutions with high residue values.

Waste waters


At the end of the industrial process we intervene to treat and purify waste waters with biological, chemical-physical and electro-chemical plants, in order to eliminate or reduce the substances with which the water has been loaded during the production process.

Air pollutants


Extractor and air purification plants, with dry and water systems, to regenerative thermal destruction. A complete range of medium and high energy water washers, with and without chemicals and absorber filters with activated carbon.

Ecological engineering


Coind represents the engineering reference of the Coral Group, a true flagship of a company that has been operating at the service of the environment for more than 50 years.

It is a large Italian reality established by the Coral Family, who continues to believe and invest in our country, today presenting itself to the world with a highly qualified staff of more than 400 people.

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